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FPI defines environmental management as a system that incorporates processes for summarizing, monitoring, reporting, developing and executing environmental policies. FPI is working on encouraging an environmental management system that ensures the healthy state of our planet for future generations. This will also work towards preserving all forms of life.

How is the FPI Environment project structued?

  • Step 1: Environmental Policy

The FPI environmental Management project (EMP) development process starts with establishing an Environmental Policy that is tied to the organization’s mission.

  • Step 2: Planning

The planning step consists of identifying regulatory and other requirements; identifying processes, resources, and significant impacts; identifying pollution prevention opportunities; developing objectives and targets for improvement efforts; and creating planning, programming, and budgeting systems.

  • Step 3: Implementation

The implementation step consists of defining the structure, responsibilities, and programs; implementing training; creating the EMP documentation (including document control and record keeping); communicating the EMP to personnel; development partners on the FPI implementing standards and operating procedures; and developing and implementing emergency preparedness and response procedures for communities.

  • Step 4: Checking and Correction

The checking and corrective action steps include monitoring, evaluation and measuring (e.g., internal assessments), problem and cause identification, corrective and preventative action implementation, and an EMP Review.

  • Step 5: Management Review

In the management review step, upper management reviews the EMP, including the results of internal assessments. Modifications to the EMP are made, as necessary, to ensure compliance. The management review is designed to ensure continual improvement of the EMP, taking into account the results of the checking and corrective actions undertaken in Step 4.

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