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Medical Consultation

Sexual & Reproductive Health Rights In Agriculture

Agricultural productivity is impacted by gender-based violence and limited access to sexual and reproductive health services. HIV has also impacted this sector highly.

Men and women are all affected by HIV  & AIDS as well as by sexual and reproductive health-related issues. To address these issues, FPI will join hands with other partners to roll out training modules targeting agricultural extension workers and lead farmers on sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Healthy farmers, healthy harvest

Monitoring and evaluation of response strategies

FPI-I believes that response strategies need to be appropriately monitored and evaluated to assist in the design and implementation of more effective programs to alleviate the impacts of HIV/AIDS on rural livelihoods and food security. In addition, participatory monitoring systems should be developed with people so that they can themselves measure progress.

The following international tools will be used to measure vulnerability: the tools  include:

  • Food Insecurity and Vulnerability Information and Mapping System (FAO);

  • Global Information and Early Warning Systems (FAO);

  • Vulnerability Analysis and Mapping System (WFP);

  • Participatory Poverty Assessment (IFAD).

These systems need to systematically incorporate HIV/AIDS indicators into regular data collection. To achieve this, new indicators and appropriate methodologies need to be developed.

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